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Corporate Events – Jefferson is available for seminars and speaking engagements. He lectures on a variety of topics including Dream Interpretation, Overcoming Phobias, The Healing Power of the Mind, Managing Anxiety & Depression, and Origami to Promote World Peace.

Private Parties, Psychic Fairs – Jefferson offers private and group readings including Dream Interpretation, Rune Cards or Rune Stones, I Ching and Intuitive Readings.

To book Jefferson for your event, send an email or call 973.839.9317.

Night Sailing – Explore Your Dreams

  Dream Interpretation Workshop

     ...Navigating the Landscape of the Mind  

At some point, we all have dreams that we know are trying to tell us something.  And while there are many reference books assigning meaning to the images revealed in our subconscious, those meanings come from people who do not know us or our lives, personally.  In fact, everyone has their own individual view of this world and all that is contained within it.  What frightens one person gives another one purpose.  So how can any dream symbol have a 'one-size-fits-all' meaning?  Join us as we learn to explore our dreamscapes from our own unique perspective. By entering our dreams as a student approaches a teacher, we open our minds and hearts to the rich landscape of the subconscious mind and access our higher self.  This workshop is a must-see for the serious student as well as the cosmic traveler.


Overcoming Your Phobias

Transform Your Fears into Trusted Allies 

Afraid of heights? Spiders? Are you claustrophobic? Whatever your challenge, this workshop will reveal the hidden gifts within your fears that allow you to overcome them. By examining the influence of archetypes, dreams, and everyday symbology you can create a new relationship with your fears and transform them into trusted allies.

Lucid Dreaming

Learn How to Enter and Interpret Your Dreams 

Do you have recurring dreams? Have you ever had a nightmare or a serious dream you did not understand that still haunts you? Is there a symbol that has appeared in various dreams over and over again? Do you find that you do not remember your dreams or perhaps you feel that you do not dream at all?

In this monthly interactive workshop, Jefferson Harman will review the various aspects of Lucid Dreaming. Learn how to change patterns in your subconscious and thus affect your waking life in a positive way. Learn how to consciously enter your dream state, while being fully aware that you are dreaming. And once there, you can learn how you can participate in your dreams, including asking questions about your life. Learn how to solve the riddles hidden in the symbols and messages of your own dreams.

The Lucid Dreaming Workshop is an ongoing series. Whether you are a newcomer or have attended before, we will be discussing how to progress interacting with your dreams and how to expand your experience over time. You are invited to attend as many of these workshops as you like. Lucid Dreaming is now a monthly event at Peaceful Paths in Butler, NJ, and is also available at other locations.


New Thoughts, New Lives 

The Healing Power of the Mind

Learn How to Transform Your Life with the Power of Affirmation

Is your life taking you in the direction of your dreams or do you feel like someone else is holding the wheel? Do you often feel angry or depressed? Overly critical or resentful? Are you experiencing an illness or lack of energy and you can’t seem to shake it? Perhaps someone has told you it’s all in your mind...
This workshop will provide an interactive look at how The Power of Affirmation works to enhance our lives. Experience the transformative effect of positive thought on the individual as well as the group mind. Learn how affirmations affect your physical body and the world around you.  Participants will be asked to identify the negative, repetitive thoughts they experience every day. The group will then challenge these negative messages by applying a positive counterpart. Next, participants will be asked to agree upon affirmations that each person will take with them and repeat every day for one month. This is a workshop series – both first time and return participants will discuss the common pitfalls of habitual thinking, how negative words affect our ability to manifest, and how to overcome conditional programming that keeps us from living our best lives.  Return participants will also review what positive changes they experienced.


Beyond 2012

Moving Forward Without Fear  

The excitement surrounding the events of December 21, 2012, also brings misinformation and fear. Some people believe this date will signal the end of the world and the coming apocalypse. But 2012 actually signifies the completion of astronomical and astrological cycles – not just an end but also a new beginning.

The purpose of this workshop is to create a dialogue around 2012 that allows for the positive possibilities surrounding this date. Participants will be invited to express their observations, reservations and expectations about 2012. We will discuss the significance of one age passing into another, how this has happened before and how mankind has lived to tell the tale. What we do in the coming months is of great importance to the outcome. Our very thoughts and prayers will affect how 2012 plays out. Please join us for an evening of hope and a wish for peace in the coming years.



Peace Is An Action 

If you have ever been to the American Museum of Natural History in New York City in December, you may have seen the wondrous display of Origami ornaments on their holiday tree. Origami, the art of paper folding, has historic roots in China, Japan and Europe. In modern times, it has been embraced throughout the world as a symbol of Universal Peace. This workshop will teach you the basics of folding, provide a brief history, and include paper along with step-by-step instructions for making your own Origami creations. You will also be guided in ways to use affirmations and creative visualization in your folding practice to enhance the energy of peace in your finished works.


Life Unedited

Dream Interpretation LIVE on the Radio

Host John Aberle takes calls from listeners and

Jefferson interprets their dreams LIVE on the air

Jefferson is now a recurring guest on "Life Unedited" with host John Aberle,

on WCHE Radio 1520 AM, in the Philadelphia area. You can listen LIVE online at the link below. Listeners are invited to call in during the show and share their dreams. Jefferson will be interpreting dreams in real time, on the air. 

Please check the Events Calendar for times and dates of upcoming shows. Archive shows will be posted on the Podcasts page as they become available.

WCHE Radio 1520 AM

Click the link below to listen LIVE OnLine

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Produced by Brynn McKenry of The Brynn Project

Call-in Line 610-701-WCHE (9243)

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