Animal Totems

Prepared by Barbara Goodfriend, Animal Communicator 

in association with Peaceful Paths
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The Emerging Bear

Bear is traditionally the totem of Dreamtime.  Bear prepares herself to sustain the long winter months of hibernation.  Entering into her cave, a den where she feels safety cradled in the protective and nourishing womb of Mother Earth.  She slows down entering into a nonlinear timeline where her physical and energy bodies suspend interaction with the outer world.   During her inner journey through Dreamtime, Bear’s consciousness is imprinted by the Earth’s ancient knowledge as well as the expansive frequencies of the Cosmos.

As we travel the progression of our solar system, our galaxy and our multiverse, Bear’s spirit is gently stirred as nature responds to the magnetic pull of the cosmos and the emergence of new life.  She cannot be separated from the Earth’s tones, the harmonic emergence of all life in Springtime. 

The warmth of the sun moves the groggy Bear again into the outer world.  Nature holds an abundance of nourishment.  Her large body, thick fur and strong claws have served her well to build her den and survive the winter.  Now her fur soaks the sun’s energy and her claws delicately forage berries.  She travels great distances feeling she belongs wherever she goes.  Always moving forward even when humankind threatens her.  Her simple quest is to renew her life and naturally receive the food, water and shelter our Earth gives.  The Earth will respond to her ability to call forth another generation.  As she travels Bear grounds the Dreamtime energies, renewing the magnetic grids and thus nurturing the Earth. 

We are Bear, fueled daily by our Dreamtime as we emerge into the rhythms  of Spring.  With our strength and gentleness we must emerge knowing our Earth and the Cosmos are aligned to support us.  At this accelerated time, we must move forward naturally claiming what is ours.  In our Dreamtime we find answers, truths  which when allowed to grow will create nourishment for our souls.  As we walk forward with Bear we ground a path of peace and imprint a frequency of renewal for generations to come.

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